Why we don’t actually want Khalistan

If you want Khalistan I feel bad for you son, because it has 99 problems and a nuke ain’t the only one.

I have been attending Guru Nanak Sikh Academy for nearly 7 years now. And during my time I have faced sheer naiveness in many ways. Its what I expect in general from a school which is concentrated with people who would consider themselves as from the same religion. The atmosphere in our school in terms of ideas and openness to accepting your beliefs may not be as feasible as other ideas – is a very narrow one, which in my opinion is due to lack of interaction with people of other upbringings, beliefs and even cultures.

Again I don’t blame these people – as humans we tend to cling on to ideas and accepting some may be wrong is hard, especially when brought up with them. I’ve been through a difficult phase in my life in terms of acceptance – from where I was once considered a religious “Sikh” (lets say for now) who wanted to be baptised (take amrit), it was a difficult time when I had realised that there are people who think in a fundamentally more logical way. I was introduced to the beauty of science and exploration and since then I have built my own views on ideas on The meaning of life and also Human Intelligence. Inputs merely go in and out from our brains… but I won’t talk about that now, this post is mainly about the idea of Khalistan.

So what is Khalistan ? Quite simply a movement which proposes a divided state in which, Sikhs have their own “homeland” (I never knew we had one). I get from many people that “oh but its for anyone” we all know fundamentally this is not the original idea.

I mean lets look at the revolution “Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale” wanted, who many of these pro-Khalistan people support and look upto. He is probably responsible for fuelling the idea of Khalistan. He wanted Khalistan quite simply because society and times were changing – people were in his eyes moving away from the principles of Sikhism, i.e. cutting their hair. So he wanted the idea of Khalistan to be established which would impose the principles of Sikhism upon this state, mainly via “Rahit Maryada” – the Sikh code of conduct. Mind you this is very similar to the reasons the Taliban fight the war in Afghanistan – it is also over land and control, which is fuelled by religion (in this case Islam ofcourse) – where Sharia Law is imposed on territory taken against the will of residents. I think many Sikhs especially in Britain, look upto Jarnail Singh due to the fact he was kind-hearted, passionate and courageous – I agree, but its awfully similar to the story of Che Guevara…. inspirational but fighting for the wrong cause.

I also feel the fact that the Indian army managed to kill so many innocent civilians in “Operation Blue Star” which was at the holy Golden Temple in Amritsar also forwarded the argument for these people to have hatred and be extremely pro-Khalistan. There has been many conspiracy theories where they suggest it was done deliberately, which I can not comment on. People get caught up in “wars” like this all the time and it is extremely tragic. However I must stress again the sheer similarity between this and the war in Afghanistan – where innocent civilians are caught up in the exchanges of fire and this fuels many Muslims to ‘hate’ or demonize the US government. The same case is here, except the Indian government is being ‘hated’ or demonized by many Sikhs due to the acts of 1984. So maybe some of these pro-Khalistan Sikhs should reconsider their thoughts on the Taliban :)

Well the problems of Khalistan, How can it possibly be made? How could it survive? There are so many points that can be argued against the regime, but I’ll make a few in this post :) :

Sikhs are happy the way they are ? – Surely many Sikhs can live happy lives right now ? Surely if you follow the Sikh principles you can live in harmony, let “god” sort out any evil on this planet. Just remember Vaheguru and stop being extreme?

Its different in Britain – The Idea of Khalistan is more glorified in Britain, when a majority of Punjab are happy the way they are and they quite simply want to live their lives, the idea of Khalistan is taken more seriously and carefully there (in general). If a war involving Khalistan were to evolve – I’m pretty sure a lot of these young youths will just sit in good old safe Britain, tweeting away about how mad they are online. Maybe even going outside Downing street with cardboard signs whining to the white man to intervene, when many also supported the idea of getting the “white man” out of India. Many pro-Khalistan youngsters…. are not as committed to the regime of Khalistan as they think they are.

Being young can make you deluded – Its mainly the younger Youths who are extreme about the idea of Khalistan. Oh I’ve been there. It seems “cool”… and in general younger teenagers like the idea of rebelling against a higher power and mainly guys love to be part of some awesome overthrowing freedom fighting army.

The world can live without Khalistan Basmati - Hows the economy going to work ? I mean most people in Punjab are too busy trying to get their visas to fly out (c’mon lets be damn honest here)… they look up to the “white man”. There is no sense of determination in building their own cities and economies – ofcourse progress has been made but thats because of the rest of India. There are no ambitious plans to excel the economy of Punjab to economic galore. There is so much corruption here also umong officials, police and so on…. this must be sorted out first and can only be done with the help of the rest of India. Same goes for building an effective economy…. I mean Bhaiyas will lay down 2 bricks and run off with the flippin’ building money. This is the story of Punjab.
But focusing on Khalistan – it has no links, there is no sea around the darn place to even trade… how on earth is it going to survive. Who are they going trade their only assets (rice) with. Pakistan, India… ? Exactly. Who the hell can make an economy from scratch right now in this worlds current crisis anyway ! Countries like USA may trade ? They may choose Khalistan over India (since India hate you guys so much and are now divided there’s only one choice really), they’ll get their drones in to pick up rice so you can have enough money to feed the typical greed and corruption of people and supposedly build an economy out of what is left over…. yeah right!!
Your heading for poverty with the idea of Khalistan.

Son, the nuke would be on its way – It takes decades and lots of research to come up with nuclear capabilities ! And most of all it costs a hell of a lot of money. We can barely build a road right, let alone build flippin’ high tech facilities to carry out nuclear research. But besides even if the plans do somehow start to be carried out, by then Pakistan would probably nuke you before you can say “O teri Pehn di”…. maybe even India ? You’ll only appear on the news in other countries as Sikh extremists being nuked – USA will give full support to India or Pakistan. Maybe even USA would go Vietnam on Khalistan ? Having said that Khalistan has nothing valuable to offer to USA, maybe for the sake of a better friendship with India, who knows. And what follows would just be horrific, many Sikh lives would be ruined – mercanaries with guns would form in this sheer poverty waiting for another country to wipe them out and conquor the land.

Al Quaeda equivalent with an epic fail – This all would fuel rage in the Sikh world (a war would be inevitable), I don’t think I need to explain what I mean by similarities to Al Quaeda would start to form. Of course Al Quaeda has been fairly successful (although this war will go on for quite a while longer) … I mainly think this is due to Arab wealth. Who would Khalistan have. My main point here is; the Sikh population is fairly small – we’d be pretty much on our own and on the brink of being wiped out.

More and more corruption – There is so much corruption in what I will call “Gurdwara politics”… and some Sikhs constantly whine about them – like how if you can’t even sort out corruption at your local Gurdwara and even gain trust of these commitees… would you trust a whole Government in charge of an entire country? What is making you so sure that the government of a Khalistan wouldn’t be corrupt either ? Especially with scarce amounts of money and after a war – extreme amounts of greed will be guaranteed. It would most likely be worse than corruption among India’s politicians !

Still want Khalistan ? War is the only option – This is just obvious. If you want Khalistan there is no way around it but waging war. But how will you possibly fight such a war with such huge armies and countries behind the indian government, unless your inspired by the movie 300 ? Al Quaeda has been fairly successful on its start up due to the sheer population of Muslims in this world and also wealth & differences in attitudes/culture also contribute to this. In other words its pretty much impossible for Khalistan to even be created in the first place.  Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and his men was the best it was going to get, no one in today’s society would attempt such a thing and also with the fact that they failed so miserably, why would anyone?

Rethink EDL – this one is personally for Harmanjit Singh. Rethink your support for EDL because with all I’ve said they will also target extremist Sikhs… where they would be referring to pro-Kalistan supporters, people like you.
The image of Sikhs in western countries will deteriorate.

Just live your life & be happy - I’m obviously getting tired and bored now… Its midnight and I’m trying to write this  in less than an hour. Look on the bright side of life.

Overall I’ve been frustrated on this matter for some time now. It makes me sick when someone in our school can just go around parading about Khalistan without thinking of the implications of it, or even thinking about it at all for that matter. I’ve posed a fair amount of points against the idea here, on why Khalistan is in essence….stupid. In general It would be nice if people would not be so stubborn about matters such as this. It drives me mad – this is what I would consider “narrow minded”.
Anyway I think since we have been unfaithful to even the origins of our supposed homeland by choosing to stay and live in Britain, we should just drop any ideas on the lines of Khalistan all together.

India has been great lets face it, progress will be made… it is a country with high potentials for the future, don’t ruin it. Support the government in general, of course there are corrupt officials – but a lot is being done in tackling corruption believe me (even David Cameron has promised to be committed to fighting corruption in India). The Indian union has achieved so much by being together.

Religion for me has been a problem too for quite a while now personally, it only causes conflict and holds progress back – we need to let go of the ideas that have been passed on for generations. It can be hard but has to be done, time has changed – we need to think for ourselves (although I don’t believe in free will either- different story). Progress needs to be made in more important areas such as science… look how much science has done for us in bettering our lives and understanding nature – what has religion done besides cause conflict and division ?

I don’t even think a majority of people have complete faith in Sikhism or religions for that matter. Time has changed and people want to do degrees which have been established by a capitalist ideology and lets say its been implemented by the “white man” – we’ve embraced a new way of life. Someone with complete faith wouldn’t care about none of these, but people now are just merely holding onto what has been inherited and what feels a part of their culture ! Culture is beautiful and we should preserve culture for as long as possible and enjoy it ! Not religion.

Don’t try and preserve Khalistan either and avoid good arguments against it, by changing what the idea actually is, such as saying it “It is a state of mind” or “Its fighting for freedom of humanity”. Same with religion, when I pose a question against a belief and one has not got a real answer for it they will try and swerve around the question to try and dodge it by thinking any old reason to back themselves up and in the process make themselves look like a complete blithering idiot. If you do not have 100% faith in something don’t claim it is your belief, simple ! Just start again and develop your beliefs again by exploring other aspects of this great universe yourself. There are so many great ideas in the conversation of science today – join in with the debate and help push humanity forward :D In the right direction.

We must look forward with an open mind and embrace what the world today has to offer !

Thank you for reading this post, I appreciate it :) & the fact that you have got this far :D

Update: Well I went to school and there was no attitude change among these people, not one of them had the balls to say they may be wrong. Instead they are now claiming the meaning of “Khalistan” has changed, when it is quite obviously a flippin’ country (even from the name)…. it means fighting for freedom and injustice now, how odd is that? You would change the definition of something you claim you don’t support and then turn its meaning into something like fighting oppression – which you are for ? Sounds weird…. it just seems these people are not ready to reply with a plausible argument and therefore have to change the meaning of a name (which is a noun) to an adverb, lol. You can use words like erm freedom fighting? revolution? justice ? But no you want to chant Khalistan like it is super cool to do so.
But anyway making a whole new country is the most logical way to fight oppression ? Run away and make a country – what planet do these people live on ? And the oppression is exaggerated to an extreme level, there is oppression across many parts of India also – they are not included in a conversation ever purely due to the fact they are not Sikh – what is someone like me getting out of it by saying this ? I was raised a Sikh and my home land is Punjab (not Khalistan) which I love… my opinion is in no way biased. But then again I’m narrow minded right ? The sad thing is many of these people who claim to be 100% for the idea were also not taking this discussion seriously and also making a mockery out of it. Even chanting Khalistan just for a laugh shows that there is no real commitment towards the regime and it is purely to build self ego and feel like a cool bad ass rebel…. “god” knows. Definitely doesn’t give the impression of someone who is oppressed and feels the “idea” (whatever Idea they have) is the way to fight the oppression.
I’ve had difficulties confronting the beliefs I’ve been brought up with, but I had to make the decision to promise myself to explore other ideas in life and be open minded and start from a very clean slate of mind – what I now see is astonishing…. yet these very people claim I am narrow minded for even writing this post – where I’ve explored aspects they would have never considered.
On a more positive note, I have had a great response from people whom don’t go to my school & they weren’t even the intended audience – I consider these opinions also very unbiased because many are just the typical person of whom I would not have expected to have taken the time to read this post ! Much appreciated :) Many shares & likes also from people in different countries, especially from India (who are also Sikh) which gives me great relief that this sheer stupidity and narrow mindedness may just be in my school mainly… there seems to be a bubble where people enforce each other’s horrendously ridiculous counter-arguments…. the bubble will burst when people will be off to places such as university to do greater things :) hopefully when approached by such opinions after university they would be more open and considerate about matters like this – also more mature and ready to learn and discuss in a logical manor :) I think it definitely will be an eye opener and a reality check for many students of GNA….. that also includes myself ! :) Really can not wait.


DISCLAIMER: Having said everything I have about religion :) I do still love Sikhism and will always be part of me in a way…. I see the aspects where it does no harm and brings people together in a sense and encourages people to do good deeds. But can this outweigh the threats of sheer stupidity ? Extremism in religion really puts me off and makes me question my respect for these religions. None the less I respect anyones belief as long as they do not state to others it is a FACT. I always say that an idea is more convincing than the other… we should continue to question things and learn with an open mind.

***I’ve written it in about an hour without planning… so there may be many mistakes – so would appreciate if anyone can correct me on areas such as grammer. It was a response to a comment Harmanjit made on instagram a few hours ago but I’ve gotten a bit carried away :p If anyone has any questions please either tweet me or email me at: amrinder_rai@hotmail.co.uk ***

84 thoughts on “Why we don’t actually want Khalistan

  1. OK if khalistan is clearly a country even from the name. Does that mean these are also countries – shitiSTAN, kuthiSTAN, kanjarSTAN!!

      • STAN comes from the word STANley knife which anti – sikh and anti – khalistan or athiests need to cut their toungues with so that they cant speak shit!!!!!!

      • I’ve approved this comment because it is a good example of a stupid and extreme comment. Cut off freedom of speech all together.

        Feel free to blog yourself – but no one is committed or can be bothered. I made this in around an hour with no planning.

        Also I am happy with a lot of the feedback I’ve gotten for my post :)

      • so u make sure its suitable and acceptable in ur eyes in order for it to go on your blog. No wonder “every1 is on ur side”. And i dont mean to actually take out a knife and chop of ur tongue, the deep meaning behind my statement is to have great knowledge about sikhi and khalsa raj, before u spill beans about anti – khalistan. you are a very very narrow minded person. u dont know how to accept others views as u stated above in ur update “Well I went to school and there was no attitude change among these people, not one of them had the balls to say they may be wrong” that just shows ur totally one sided and no matter how much u speak to others, u only wanna hear wat u wanna hear. Thats not the way things work mate. so i suggest u think wisely before u post up total bullshit made up by urself and THINK UR 100% RIGHT….lol

      • Ok Amrinder Rai if your a sikh of hindu does not matter,
        Can you get justice from the goverment for 1984 riot well it wasn’t a riot it was only a attack a coward attack, Person like indria gandi should have died attack golden temple killed people and what do you think sikh should do just watch no.
        Half of the sikh’s want Khalistan and one day we will get it

      • Yes I was born Sikh, but your right that doesn’t matter.
        From what I’ve seen yh there have been some pretty horrific riots during 1984. But people need to stop being biased towards one side, try and look at the other side for example.

        I disagree with what Sant Ji did, the Sikh massacre could have been avoided… and then of course I disagree with how the Indian army handled the attacks & the riots that took place afterward.

        I honestly think Khalistan is more popular abroad, for SOME Sikhs (I assume you hang around with a vast majority of people who consider themselves committed). It’s such an unbelievably impractical idea… but besides it’s just to make cool posters of people holding AK47s, no one is committed… this is just a side thing for EVERYONE. What people really want to do is become wealthy in the western world.

        I see it as unfeasible and pointless… but if you think you will get it – then all I can say is good luck with that.

    • Ofcourse it has something to do with Sikhi lol thats why I’ve mentioned religion. But Khalistan will do no good for the Sikh people. It just won’t work if there is oppression this is not the logical way to go about fixing it and plus it is not possible. I have nothing against Sikhism – although I have questioned some peoples faith on it in my post. I was told that being against Khalistan means I’m against Sikhism? They’re the same thing apparently.

      • Well first of all, you you’re self are making value judgements about if Khalistan will be either a good or bad thing for Sikhs. That does not make it a fact lets just make it clear. Its just your opinion and thats totally fine.

        Sikhism believes in freedom. Tell me the type of freedom Sikhs had in Amritsar or India in that case in 1984 and till now this day.

      • Yes I am analysing and arguing why it wouldn’t work… obviously I can not predict the future.

        Many innocent Sikhs who lost their lives did not have much freedom – this stuff happens all the time and yes it is tragic. My relatives were effected by 1984. But making Khalistan is not a solution in my opinion.

        Also I think I may have made a mistake in my blog – The Amritsar attack did not happen in 1984 ? the same year as the mass killing of Sikhs.

  2. All the time? All the time sounds to me it happens like every week? Has it recently happened to you, because surely has not happened to me?

    Its effected* . What is the solution then? If you can conflict the thoughts of thousands of other people. you must have a solution to back it up. How do we as Sikhs attain apologies and justice for the acts of 1984.

  3. Far as I know, this is an 18 year trying to think..I think its a good try. No one is perfect, only Guru. No point hating on this kid (young adult), actually the Sikhs need to re-think their entire way of Teaching Sikhi, cause if a free-thinking scientific minded and articulate young person cannot see the logic in Sikhi, then its our fault and not the fault of either Guruji or the young person. Amrinder, have you ever read this?
    http://www.sikhnet.com/news/what-chardikala , there is another one on their blog about “Justice for 1984″. Sikhi is amazing, we just dont teach it, we preach it, we sell it but dont tell it. Keeping thinking, Sikhi is a thinking persons religion.

    • Thank you – you have actually understood me on why I feel this way about Sikhi, why my views changed and you have not judged me. I will be more than happy to look into the link now – since you’ve provided it… and I know Sikhi was amazing to me too I used to love it !

      People here think I have no knowledge but they would be surprised how much I used to go gurdwara to pray, discuss and learn.

      However funny enough going to a “Sikh” school actually put me off Sikhism, before I arrived at GNA I had faught with my mum for me to take amrit but she didn’t let me as it was too early and also the decision of me growing my hair was my own (now cut).

      When people come out raging “you’re naive Khalistan blah blah” with no real logical reasoning it really just puts me of Sikhi even more because I’ve spoken to so many non-sikhs with so much more akhal than these guys.
      They also think I have no interest and I’m just mocking them, but I honestly am taking this seriously… I’m also not very good at writing yet wrote such a long blog about it. So I’m definitely serious about this issue.

      And I have stated that I’ll be as open minded as possible… that means anyone can influence and convince me upon things… but honestly these guys really don’t do a good job :)

      This is the sort of reply I was hoping for, and since you have made it… I feel there is finally some sort of hope ! I’d be happy to learn more about your views on Khalistan and why religion and Sikhi in particular is a path which I should not leave behind :) You have my email & twitter…. thanks again because I actually feel I can have a meaningful conversation with someone.

  4. As someone who chose to follow Sikhi when I was 21, at Oxford Uni reading Philosophy, I relate to your desire for some meaningful learning. I got into SIkhi after reading ‘Conversations with God’, then I had a real conversation with God through Gurbani ;)
    Have a look at the youtube channel we run, http://www.youtube.com/basicsofsikhi there are two lectures I gave at Oxford Uni called the spiritual and political teachings of Sikhi and also one called ‘What is the mission of Sikhism”. Overall, Sikhi per se doesn’t aim for Khalistan but actually Khalsa Raj. That is not a pipe dream, we just need Sikhs to actually start doing what the Khalsa is meant to do, the more we do, the more Guruji will support us.

    • Wow that is great :) you obviously found & got into Sikhi the right way ! & thanks for the link I will have a look at your videos for sure.

      I am okay with the idea of “Khalsa Raj” as long as that means teaching everyone and letting them suddenly make their own decision to join the Khalsa… not if it is enforced.

      Also you referred to and told these people who are raging against me to rethink how to spread Sikhi.
      However there are many people who just blindly follow Sikhi and are biased without ever actually thinking – but that’s ok… that is not mainly what puts my off Sikhi :
      The thing that put me off was actually the fact I came to Guru Nanak Sikh Academy – I met lots of people who took amrit (during a time I really wanted to), and a lot have been the most ill-behaved people and like also swear the most for example than others with the biggest egos! In other words these people totally contradict Sikhi – so before they can teach others they should actually learn about Sikhi themselves and actually be faithful to it – or even question if they have 100% faith in it themselves. What do you think ?

      Also I have seen that when someone develops interest in Sikhism these same people b*tch about them for thinking they are ‘religious’ and claim they’re religious themselves. Then rip on them when they walk away from Sikhi or try to go against it. Its like they want Sikhs to be people who know nothing about their religion and merely claim to be Sikh :s Its crazy ! I know there must be more passionate and committed Sikhs like yourself but I am yet to meet some more.
      I feel these people who are angry and are cursing – they just have fear over my post as I’ve been told it will brainwash people – they are merely agreeing with my post lol… therefore they don’t seem committed as they are not enthusiastic and interesting in writing their own posts either and represent their ideas and beliefs in a civilised manor. The hate mail has been unbelievable – but I must say I got more mail of support for my post ! (non-sikhs also mailing me like what is going on with people in your school???)

      I’ve learnt that I should wait until I leave Guru Nanak Sikh Academy to learn about Sikhism (the irony)… because in our school a naive bubble is developed which will burst when going onto University. Where people can discuss ideas and actually have people who are interested and eager to learn & listen. I’ll now learn about Sikhism outside of my school because I know it shouldn’t reflect on the whole religion. Going to my local gurdwara was what initially got me into Sikhi so it would be a good start to start going Gurdwara on Saturdays again!

  5. Some other videos that might interest you and the readers.
    (1) What would Guru Nanak say to us today? – talks about hankari Amritdharis who are pushing people away
    (2) Sikhi and apostasy? talks about Gurus approach to those who reject Sikhi
    (3) Have we been mi-sold Sikhi? Talks about how we are failing to deliver the basic message of Sikhi at all!

    This does not mean that the people at GNA are blind to Sikhi, every single one of us is subject to the 5 thieves, even the amritdhari ones and unfortunately our youth only reflect the example of the elders in our community. Come one sunday to Park Avenue Gurdwara, every sunday evening from 6pm -7pm we have an english katha programme. Bring your mates as well. You lot are still young, agree to disagree, when you look back at this time, you’ll see that you were all growing and Sikhi is big and strong enough to withstand all the questioning from our youth.

    • Thanks I’ll view them this evening :)

      & I definitely agree ! I also think its completely human nature as well and find some concepts of 5 thieves hard too – and yup I think I’ve heard about you before ! And would be a great place to bring up other questions since I can’t at school – I used to go Nanaksar on Saturdays which is near my house :)

      But I hope you understand that I would obviously judge on a whole if I see amritdharis to be worse behaved than those who are not in a lot of cases. But I think in general I’ve had a bad experience at the school when it comes to this sort of stuff… hope to be at one of your Sunday sessions soon !

  6. To be honest, I’m not entirely too sure what to make of this blog; evidently a (reasonably) thoughtful author who attempts to connect a myriad of things into one cogent argument, but fails spectacularly. Beyond your initial soliloquy, your arguments are neither persuasive nor accurate, and in the interests of “science and exploration”, I’ll methodically dismantle each one. You introduced yourself; I’ll extend you the same courtesy. I am a senior A&E doctor who graduated from St. Bartholomew’s and The Royal London. I consider myself a proud Sikh, though not a practising one.

    Your blog reads very much like someone who’s been provoked into a particular school of thought and is trying desperately to refute it, and if that were the case, fine. However, your article is heavily dependent on your own subjectivity, as well as your own naivety, and that of the reader’s. Let me elaborate:

    You claim boldly that Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale wanted some kind of revolution, and that “he is probably responsible for fuelling the idea of Khalistan”. Such an assertion is completely wrong. I have listened to Sant Bhindranwale’s speeches (I implore you to do the same), many of them, and I cannot recall a single instance where he deliberately or clearly offered support for Khalistan, a notion that prior to 1984 had minimal support. The closest he ever came was proclaiming that if the Indian Army ever assaulted Shri Darbar Sahib, it would lay the stone for the foundation of Khalistan, a parallel with Jallianwala Bagh and the start of the Indian Independence Movement. Consequently he never specifically wanted Khalistan; he advocated for people to live on an equal basis within a united India. Moreover, the man was a preacher; even Khushwant Singh, a man not well-renowned for his support of Khalistan gives him credit for spreading Sikhi and returning people back to what he called the “Spartan ways of the Khalsa”. Your analogy with the Taliban is condescending, far-fetched and indecent. The Taliban never enjoyed widespread support; Sant Bhindranwale and his Dharam Yudh morcha received massive support from the Sikh peasantry; witness the number of Sikhs who, having sworn an oath at Shri Akal Takhat Sahib, actively embraced arrest, upwards of 80,000 in a few weeks. The Taliban relegated women to the status of slaves, yet Joyce Pettigrew, the famous anthropologist, declared that it was children and women who rallied to Sant Bhindranwale first and foremost, for they had been the major victims of the social decay that Sant Ji railed against. Your extrapolation of what you perceive to be “Sikh extremism” and its direct comparison with the atrocities of the Taliban hold no water when compared to the actions of the Dharam Yudh morcha. The main objective of the Khalistan ideologues in the years immediately following 1984 (particularly in the formation of the 1986 Panthic Committee) was to return Punjab to a socialist ideology based on the proletarian values of Sikhi, epitomised by Sant Bhindranwale and the Dharam Yudh morcha, and encapsulated by Degh, Tegh, Fateh.

    Your blog also shamefully glosses over the atrocities carried out by the Indian Army during its assault on Shri Darbar Sahib. You ascribe 44 words to them. The manner of the operation, and the subsequent Operation Woodrose, form a major part of the justification and, indeed support, for Khalistan. If you cannot understand the magnitude of what occurred, you can never hope to understand the Khalistan movement. Why is it, for example, that the Indian Government chose the 400th anniversary of Shri Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s shaheedi to launch their offensive, when they knew there would be thousands of Sikh pilgrims inside the complex? Why is it, that those Indian soldiers who wantonly killed innocent civilians (what you dedicate one sentence to), were never brought to justice, despite overwhelming witness evidence? Why is it that the Indian Army used chemical gas, in direct contravention of established law? Why is it that Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch were not allowed in to verify the numbers killed? Why was it that Punjab was cut off from the rest of India, with only Government controlled Doordarshan TV allowed in? Why was it that the Indian Government attacked 40 other Gurdwarae across Punjab if their stated aim was the capture of Sant Bhindranwale and his Singhs in Shri Akal Takhat Sahib? Why was it, according to Retd General SK Sinha, that the Indian Army had been practising a military assault on a replica of Shri Darbar Sahib in 1982, before even Sant Bhindranwale had moved into the complex? Why is it that the Indian Army looted, and then burnt the Sikh Reference Library, and, despite numerous appeals from Indian judges, have refused to return the stolen manuscripts and historical artefacts?

    What many Sikhs, like yourself, fail to realise, is that Khalistan is built on a desire to secure the unfettered and unbridled survival of Sikhism, not as some utopian paradise with a GDP per capita outstripping that of the US. If you can understand this, then the logical question would be how could Sikhs expect the survival of their religion in a country whose Government distributed the addresses of Sikh homes and businesses in the aftermath of Indira Gandhi’s death? Or in a country whose Prime Minister gave tacit approval for the vengeful killing of Sikhs across Northern India (“when a big tree falls, the earth underneath shakes”)? Or in a country that described, in its Army manuals, Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji as “the fountainhead of Sikh extremism”? What many Sikhs fail to realise is that Sant Bhindranwale was proved exactly, 100% right; that Sikhs were, and in many ways, continue to be, second class citizens in India, the same as Dalits, Muslims and Christians today. Instead, the mainstream, prevailing Sikh view, fed blindly by Indian propaganda emanating directly after Operation Bluestar, is that Sant Bhindranwale was a secessionist, a terrorist, the killer of Hindus.

    With this in mind, I come to your first “point”; “Sikhs are happy the way they are”. This is completely based on your own biased opinion and is heavily laced with subjectivity. It depends merely on who you ask, and what their personal experience is, and their connection, inevitably, with their faith. My assumption is that the Sikh mother who saw her son chased, tied down with tyres and then set alight in a Delhi street, would, to paraphrase you, not be happy the way she is. You then talk of following “Sikh principles [so we can] live in harmony, let “God” sort out evil”. That sentence betrays a very, VERY basic understanding of the teachings of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. If that indeed was the case, to “just let God sort it out”, what was the entire purpose and need of the Khalsa? Why did Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji write “all modes of readdressing a wrong having failed, raising of the sword is pious and just” in Zafarnamah to Aurangzeb? Why not just let the Mughals slaughter and convert everyone at the time? If that was the case, why did Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji entrust Baba Banda Singh Bahadur to bring justice to Wazir Khan of Sirhind? If that was the case, why did Jassa Singh Ahluwalia lead the Sikh misls (confederacy) against the wanton rape and pillage of Ahmed Shah Abdali? If that was the case, why did Baba Deep Singh protect Shri Darbar Sahib in 1742 in the Wadda Gallughara with his life? If that was the case, why did the Singhs ride to the rescue of Hindu women and girls at midnight when they were being carried away back to Afghanistan, a memory that Punjabi Hindus still commemorate with rakhri? After all, in all of these circumstances, they could have “just let God deal with it”. “Being extreme”, as you put it, is a concept entirely relative to what the prevailing mainstream thought is. To me, your rationale and your basic understanding of Sikh history is extreme in its simplicity.

    Your second point is a little harder to disagree with, but even here you fail to comprehend the power and influence a well connected, well informed group of people has. To be sure, the majority of people who type out threats and vent their frustrations online are paper tigers; but paper tigers have claws too. One of the main reasons why Operation Bluestar remains such a thorny issue, particularly it has to be said, for Sikhs in India, is the lack of an alternative point of view. The Indian Goverment bans http://www.neverforget84.com and burningpunjab.com. The lack of any alternate telling of history leaves it to be told by the victors (witness Churchill’s acclaimed volumes entitled The Second World War). You quite dismissively propose Khalistan as being some weak, castrated state; yet even small states can wield tremendous power, look at Israel and the support it enjoys in America. There is nothing to suggest that a Sikh diaspora, and more importantly (if Khalistan is ever to be a success), a Punjabi diaspora, could not do the same here in Britain or in Canada. You see the spread of alternative schools of thought all around you, on the Sikh channel, in SWAT, or in the Sikh Federation. We don’t need to aspire to be like “the white man” (so eloquently put); we need to continue looking up to the teachings of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji; nischey kar apne jeet karo.

    Your third point. Being young can make you deluded is neither a valid nor accurate point as to why You Don’t Really Want Khalistan. It’s purely opinionated, and not really worth much of an answer except for the important observation that some of the greatest movements of mankind have been fed and nurtured by “younger Youths”. Jesus died aged 32, Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji at 42, the prophet Mohammed was 40 when he founded Islam, Martin Luther was 34 when he nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the door of All Saints’ Church, and it was a young Thomas Jefferson who declared all men were equal. Youthfulness is an asset, as much as a liability.

    You talk about the economic survival of Khalistan by stating it only has “Basmati” to sell. Your right that Punjab is still an agrarian economy, thanks largely to the Indian Government deciding that industrialising a border state would be too dangerous, although strangely Pakistan has no such qualms with Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi etc etc. However, that said, Punjab’s agrarian economy has no equal in the subcontinent; without Punjab, India dies from hunger. India buys 60% of its wheat from Punjab; Punjab is the leading producer of milk, eggs, barley, oats, rice and wheat in India. If India can pay for LNG that arrives via a pipeline that runs across Pakistan, are you so naive as to think it wouldn’t pay for the food it needs to survive? Are you even aware of international treaties that enshrine the rights of landlocked countries to have access to the sea – treaties that India has ratified? You nonchalantly claim “progress has been made but thats because of the rest of India”; yet you fail to mention the key stat that would completely dismiss this facile argument, namely that ever since independence, Punjab has contributed more to the central government in revenue than it has EVER taken in any given fiscal year. Punjab’s GDP per capita is the highest in India, despite the central government’s reluctance in encouraging heavy industry, despite Delhi siphoning off electricity, and despite the redirection of Punjab’s river waters to non-riparian states like Rajasthan. Your claim that corruption can only be dealt with thru the help of India smacks of stupidity. Read up on the Bofors scandal, Laloo Prasad Yadav, 2G spectrum scam, Scorpene Deal scam, the Satyam scam, the Navy War Room Spy Scandal, the oil for food scam, the Taj corridor scandal, the Hawala scandal, the Bihar fodder scam, the Purulia arms drop case, the Nagarwala scandal, the Commonwealth games scandal; are you starting to get the drift yet, stones and glass houses and all that? India needs to get its own house in order.

    Your theory about nukes is plainly ridiculous and betrays just how little of the real world you actually understand. Read Kissinger, “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”, India vis-a-vis China vis-a-vis Pakistan. Read about the fact that for any country to be respected in the world, the use of nuclear weapons would be an absolute fallacy, something that India recognises by having adopted a no-first use policy. It’s like Ronseal, does what it says on the tin. Besides, when it comes to defence, I’d fancy my chances with the Sikh regiment (the highest decorated regiment in the Indian Army), the Sikh Light Infantry and the Punjab regiment. Despite numbering only 400-500, and despite having largely WW2 era weapons, Sant Bhindranwale and the Singhs held the Indian Army off for 72 hours. Rajiv Gandhi in 1988 admitted that 700 soldiers had died, and half the assault forces had perished. I’d leave it to AR Darshi, a Hindu who worked as former joint secretary to the Punjab Government, to illustrate the pointly more pertinently:

    “The Sikh fighters had no line of communication and source of supply. They were totally cut off from the state, the country and the world. They were completely besieged in the Golden Temple Complex, particularly inside the Akal Takht. Supply of electricity and water was cut off. They had no reserves to reinforce their positions. They had nothing to eat but roasted grains, nothing to drink but their own sweat oozed from their bodies due to scorch¬ing heat. They had no place to answer the call of nature. They could not sleep for seven days and seven nights. They were exhausted and worn out under these horri¬ble conditions. On the other hand, the Indian Army had all sorts of provisions, facilities, reserves and what not. Yet the Sikhs fought gallantly and demonstrated their remarkable valour, courage and fighting skill. They held the well equipped Indian Army at bay for five days and gave it a bloody reply, a reply which the Army would remember forever. Had the militant Sikhs been equally armed, had their numerical strength been even one-tenth of the In¬dian Army, they would have pushed the Army up to Delhi or even beyond Jamuna…. The entire credit for this exemplary valour goes to Sant Bhindranwale who had enthused and inspired the Sikhs to fight for their rights and defend their faith.” Darshi, A.R. The Gallant Defender, 1999, Ch. 8

    Eloquently put. Nischey kar apne jeet karo.

    Your point “Al Quaeda equivalent with an epic fail” is so stupidly ignorant, it’s hard to fathom exactly where to start; I won’t bother to dignify it with an answer.

    Your point about Gurdwara politics is well taken, and perhaps the only aspect of his diatribe that I, and I suspect, most Sikhs, would agree on.

    Your last (finally) point – Still want Khalistan? War is the only option shows a lack of historical knowledge and the absence of any real comparison with other resistance and independence movements besides those that conveniently reinforce your own point. While 1984-1993 was violent, bloody and marked by gross human rights violations (on both sides), other independence movements have shown that such objectives can be met peacefully, for example, the Quebecois 1995 referendum, the Scottish referendum 2014. The disintegration of the Soviet Union, a country infinitely more powerful than India today, is the starkest reminder that unless India reforms, and adopts a true federalist structure (similar to what the Anandpur Sahib resolution requested), its territorial integrity will always be under threat. The USSR broke up into 14 states, Eastern Europe broke free from the yoke of communism, all without a bullet being fired. War is decidedly NOT the only option.

    “Rethink EDL” – let me correct myself; the second thing I agree with you on.

    It’s taken me a rather quick 30 minutes to thoroughly, and methodically, show the futility and naivety of pretty much each of your points. Whilst it’s admirable for a 17 year old to express his thoughts online, it would be even more impressive if he actually knew what he was talking about. For this to be an informed debate, you need to go away, study (A LOT) and read different viewpoints, gain some objectivity and then we can talk. Until that time however, you are way over your head in things that evidently you know very little about.

    PS: if you really want an informed discussion about Khalistan, talk to real Khalistan ideologues, not exuberant 14-18 year olds whose only knowledge of it is limited to the perceived glorification of the AK47

    • Firstly I don’t know what to make of the comment :) I appreciate the long feedback & of someone of lets say high status in society (many from our school can only dream of being in your position). I can only assume that Akashdeep had approached someone like yourself about my blog post when not being able to respond to it himself adequately. There is always an affair there of who sounding smart. None the less yourself has given a really good reply, statistically backed up in some parts too. May I also point out I was initially bluffing about the post and it was done quickly (maybe you can say not well planned really) as I don’t usually discuss such topics – but ended up writing a lot. So don’t get too carried away or offended. I also got a hell of a lot of support from people I don’t even know – after they’d read my post my most recent message from a graduate from West Midlands (a Sharma in fact):
      “@AmrinderRai mate, this is well written!”
      “@AmrinderRai I can imagine. And no – i’m a law graduate. Travelled india last year and meeting locals reflected your blog post”.

      Obviously some of the points are exaggerated and maybe I have also slipped in humour and taken the mick (which is my personality in general). You have pointed out that I have not done enough research – or not thought this through very well…. well as arrogant as I will sound I think I’ve thought more about it than many from GNA. I have been provided by links and so on… as I do apparently need to do more research. I think most of these sources and responses I’ve got are one sided or even biased in many cases…. there are’t many resources for being against Khalistan (obvious reasons). But I have come across of many religious & well known Singhs who are against the regime – maybe they would give a better response.

      However do you consider my view biased? I can only write and make assumptions from what I have seen myself – if from what I see is extremism and young students not thinking about what they are supporting at all – then I’m sorry… thats what anyone else would think, or the rest of the worlds population think. I can recall many teachers thinking, when many from our school were presenting their support for Khalistan, “What on earth are these people on about” – it was definitely absurd and highly embarrassing. I think the same – I can’t see what these people are on about – when having to explain their support they will give some of the most stupidest replies ever. So this post was for them really – I wrote the post on the spot – no real resources, purely my view which was self thought by myself over a long period of time, I haven’t let anyone influence my views – I comment purely on what I SEE. And also the fact that I was raised a Sikh doesn’t make me feel the slightest that I should support this movement.

      & Yup I’ve pretty much been dragged into this as I go to a school where this Khalistan movement is quite popular as you’d expect from a Sikh school. From my experience its just people who love chanting “Khalistan Zindabag” with laughter and idolising cool art work of Bhindrawale holding AK47s – so here is where I get the idea that Bhindrawale fuelled the idea of Khalistan from – yes I had heard him say “I am neither for or against it” – but in all honesty I am talking about what I have SEEN with my own eyes, I can’t see a lot of people actually able to support the Khalistan movement without a face to it – so this is what I mean by that bit. I don’t think your point that many young people would help the movement applies here.

      Where I need to do research to learn more about Khalistan. Do you think that people who blindly follow a regime where they can’t even explain their support to others (maybe with better reasons – I too would be for the regime) – should reconsider their support… and actually look into why they are supporting Khalistan. What would you say to the boy who will go around chanting “KHALISTAN ZINDABAG” purely for a laugh?… sounds like a great cry for “freedom”. I choose not to be influenced by my school – as I’ve heard it can have a real bad influence on you (feedback from past students).

      Also from my experience, of having peoples opinions. The idea I’ve gotten from extremely Pro-Khalistan Sikhs is that this Khalistan is for Sikhs only – to “separate us from the Hindus” – is quite a common response I get. Well you may argue that no no no its for everyone – but I think with more people having the above opinion (from again my experience)… I would be more convinced with the fact that this is what the regime is about to many. Also is Khalistan a place where Rahit Maryada would be enforced ? I’ve heard this also from these extremely pro-Khalistan people and also from a BBC documentary from a while back – how would that go down with non-Sikhs? We all know with corruption and many extremists (oh these people do exist) that Khalistan could be a right disaster. Would you not prefer for Sikhs and other religions to live in harmony anyway – sort that out if there is oppression :s Sort the corruption out in India…..I don’t get the whole point of Khalistan (and how it would be corruption free)

      About the few words I wrote on operation blue star – I decided to stay well clear from this (but thought it should be brought up too as a reason for why people may support Khalistan also)… its a sensitive issue & a controversial one. Its one that needs to be looked into more in=depth by myself. But don’t think my family hasn’t affected by 1984 – my chacha was killed by police for being pro-Khalistan (no one really knows the full story). But I would have thought that if Bhindrawale did not get involved in such an issues (taking guns and sitting in Harmandir Sahib while sangat are around, really?) – 1984 would not have happened :) But its something I definitely thought I need to look into more – so I hadn’t written merely a few lines because I didn’t want to look into it or am not willing talk much about as you assumed.

      I’m sure if I hire one of my Nephews who’s studied at MIT and is now doing research at Stanford – or a distance relative who has had the same opportunities and experiences as you have had they could give a much better reply to you – if I tell them to give one that is against Khalistan.
      As many know from my school I’m not particularly a good writer anyway. Oh well, I appreciate your response :) But you would only really get what I’m talking about if you’d get an insight into our school. I’ve talked to many who are actually for Khalistan and are very serious about it and even they agreed on many of my points – and see many cons themselves. But as you’ve pointed out there aren’t as many risks as I thought with Khalistan, and a lot of my post is naive. Do you see a downside to Khalistan?

      And to tell someone to study something a lot more is a matter of opinion really… studying can be never ending. In this case I didn’t think I needed to study much prior to writing this post as I am merely spilling out by frustration in words onto here (Yh I don’t get a thing people ore on about with Khalistan – its annoying). It was good enough for many to agree with me and compliment my post – how seriously would you like me to take this blog – also how much of my time? And I didn’t really want a debate anyway – I was merely expressing my opinions and my views onto my blog…. I don’t even see why you found it was so necessary to comment on it now (sick of anything to do with this post by now) – as you could see I’ve already tried to resolve this issue, by maybe looking into my faith outside of school. I prefer to discuss and debate about things of my interest which I enjoy talking about and not about things that frustrate me.

      But you’ve written an excellent response, you can obviously present your views much better than myself and have much more experience in doing so for that matter – I can imagine now that this comment will now give some of the intended audience of the post some hope and will make them go “YESSS WE WERE RIGHT AFTERALL” even a Doctor is against my blog? lol. However have you got anything to say to the types of Khalistan supporters I talk of? If not – I would only in my eyes see this as a biased reply, purely to make me look like an idiot for the sake of your cousin. I’ve given my opinion here and I’m always open to others (as you may have picked up from previous replies), I am open to accept other ideas…. I’ve also taken your views on-board, I like to learn. Where do you suggest I get in your opinion a “better” idea of Khalistan? Seeing is believing though right – we only get our view from others & my post indicates what I had picked up from my experiences.

      ( I will add in the disclaimer something like: “from what I have picked up from what I’ve seen” if you wish).

      I feel corrected on some points for sure – and I don’t feel I have the ability to reply to such replies by such people :) But I’m sure there are people who can… sorry to disappoint !

      I still feel Khalistan is more glorified here than in India – it is taken more seriously there…. and not many people care as much from my experience (and from feedback I’ve gotten from people who have actually visited there).

      I have only 3 months left at GNA – and I would prefer to keep as far away as possible from such topics for when I do leave, in all honesty.

      As I’ve said to many others who present their argument well in a reasonable and mature manor – I will look into it more. Thanks for the reply.

      PS: I approved this (still a few messages left) on request of Akashdeep and this post has taken up too much of my spare time – I’d prefer not to reply… but you can give a short response to maybe sum up your views on this issue (unless this is going to turn into some debate – email me), maybe if you could write a blog post of yourself would be great :)

      & I’d also appreciate if you would cut down on the use of vocabulary where in many cases I found isn’t so necessary – I have a lack of understanding with some of the words you used : ) That’s just me.

      • I wouldn’t be too quick to accept the view of viki Singh without doing some research. You are right on many points while Viki Singh, states some things but is wrong on many of them. He merely stated he was right. You should have done a quick run around the internet to discover how wrong he was.

        The greatest misfortune is, you praised him without doing your own research. It is a misfortune because this is exactly what frustrates you about the Khalistan debate.

        We can take a few like the ones on GDP and treaties relating to land locked countries. Punjab does not have the highest GDP, either per capita or nominal.

        The treaty on landlocked countries will still be favourable to India as Punjab will have to pay transport costs on top of other taxes to transport goods to the sea. Since Punjab only has the title of “bread basket of India” and not really the quality, like many rich nations, this will favour India as well.

        The talk of strong Sikh army officers, well that requires some research as well. You can consider the Sikh army officers who created mutiny in both the first and second world wars particularly due to being forced to fight for the British as has been the case since the 1850s onwards.

        I think your piece needs to be corrected on a few points. Maybe the nuclear war factors and some others that I forget now. All I wish to say is, I think you were thrown back by somebody who presented themselves as a Doctor. Don’t worry, Indians tend to fall this trick pretty quickly.

        You could have destroyed all of which he said statistically and by checking facts. The rest of which, regarding violence and aggression you would have ripped to pieces on ethical, moral and humane grounds quite quickly.

        You could also have addressed his character by the amount of times he called you stupid when in fact, the views he expressed are clearly hyperboled for a right wing political agenda which questions why would anybody wish this to be the case?

        There are worse atrocities in the world. Some of the things that occurred in the Eighties were horrible. Many people died and for what? Generally for the fantasy driven electioneering of a few. I see many have already commented on how outside influences fuel Khalistan. I am sure you have seen how many Punjabis from India and abroad are not in favour of it – simply on the basis of common sense. Common sense I might add you afforded yourself merely from your views of the world. I am not flattering you here in any sense, merely indicating, most people in the world can see how balanced and appropriate the world is right now.

        I’ll end by saying, if anybody encourages an ideology by the means of killing or spreading hate… put yourself on ignore.

    • Doc, people like you amaze me as although educated you are so insanely out of touch with reality. You remind me of Mohammad Tuglaq. Bhindrawala was not a Saint. He was not a good straight human being. If you quote about Khushwant Singh, I have read him. Khushwant Singh called him a Badmash kind of Robinhood, illiterate deradar. What did he knew of or practiced Sikhi of 10 Guru’s which is full of Bhagti of god, Sharda, humility, goodwill of humanity. This Thug was created by Congress ESP Zail Singh and Party and when he got power, he changed the site. Without him, Punjab would have been a much better place.

      And what do people like you know about the suffering and pain that people endured because of his actions.

      I appreciate this young lad Amrinder Rai’s effort to express his feelings and experiences. This is the real freedom, the freedom of speech and freedom of expression. It is Ironic how the so called Khalistani’s are trying to suppress it.

      Expect the same oppression, if Khalistan is ever to be formed!

  7. Do agree,very good article,I in fact get amazed why if those Shikhs living in UK and Canada love Punjab really then why dont they just come back to Punjab.
    I am from West Bengal,and we are also suffering from un-employment,corruption,drug addiction.


  8. why should they come back they are voice of Sikh in India where the have no free speech treated like dogs the oversea Sikhs well unfold behavior Indian administration India was created by the old British government when they took over Punjab from maharaja Dleep Singh THEY MADE A TREATY RETURN THAT BACK TO HIM WHEN BRITISH GOVERNMENT UN TO COMPLY THAT TREATY IN FULL

  9. Great post brother, the whole agitation of Sikhs vs Indian government didnt exist before 1971, Pakistan was angry that Bangladesh had been taken away from it so they started funding and brainwashing a few Sikhs to do what they did in the 80s, it didnt work for them, but they almost got what they wanted – dividing Sikhs away from India so that they would become weakened.

    • That is a plausible argument – as I do hear quite a few Sikhs say… well “Even Pakistan are supporting Khalistan”. I’ll need to look more into that! :) Thanks for the input

      • you are wrong there we join India on promise of greater autonomy we were equal partners before independent there was always Sikhs who wanted country of their own our country was taken by the British 1846 Anglo Indian war Pakistani must support because we speak the
        same language
        we have strong bond with Muslim Pakistan which is Muslim name of khalistan Hindus always neglect Sikh freedom since independent

        they partition Punjab in 1971 into three states to steal Punjabi area u may one off them with bogus id

  10. I thought this was a great article, and your ideas and values corroborate with my own. As a hindu punjabi, i have always respected sikhi, and bani and the gurus. I still do, for atleast 10 years of my life i wore a tiny taksali kirpan and was going to take amrit when the next time a Dal came to the UK from india. However what put me off for now was the sheer hatred i experienced from many sikhs on youtube, sikh sangat.com (akj central). I also noticed sharp similarities between khalistan movement and jihad… Little kids aged 5 were taught to say khalistan zindabad and started worshipping “sant ji” more than patshahi 10 himself!
    I feel that if anyone says anything against khalistan are called “anti -sikh” or “rss” regardless how much sikhi they understand and how devoted to they are to khalsa panth..
    People fail to understand that khalistan created so many more issues than solved.. Sikhs were killing sikhs, in india and even in the UK and Canada. Like hayer and purewal who were gunna expose those involved in 182 bombings… Im no fan of indian politicians but i love india and punjab in particular and i feel that khalistan is essentially an anti-sikh ideology… Go to any nihang jathedar and they will reply khalsa is chakkarvarti and isnt confined to borders…

    Also i feel these people are forcing sikhi on people, just like mughals did with islam in india hundreds of years ago.

    I also feel that khalistan is an ideology peddled mainly by hindu-phobic organisations like akj (bhasuria tat khalsa). These guys are so paranoid they are destroying old sikh paintings “coz dey too hindoo”.

    Anyways id like to say, i commend you for this it took guts to write this and you seem like a very intelligent person.

    • Thank you for the comment and kind words :) Actually found it far better written than my post :p I agree with you immensely, I don’t even know how to depict Sikhism now…. because nowadays all I see is people worshiping AK47s and irrationally making comments of how Sikhism is superior.

      I am overwhelmed at how many views I am still getting on this particular post which I just raged out one evening within an hour, I’ve also stopped blogging temporarily… I hope to write up a more “serious”, in depth and well backed article on this issue during the summer :)

      Thanks for reading, all the best to you

      - Amrinder

  11. your knowledge about sikhi and life is incomplete, try reading and understanding gurbani sometime, don’t apply your brains about the universe coz I think you don’t have any ,
    and never understand the power of KHALSA! your points don’t hold much good, see the condition of Punjab today? this is not what a land of Sikhs should be. The idea of a separate state is more for a pure nation and not about oppression. I cud write more but I don’t have so much time to waste!

    • Yup I used to read gurbani and everything, so don’t make assumptions. Also I can’t take anything from your pointless comment… so you might as well have not bothered writing a comment all together. I’d understand if your too busy creating Khalistan.

  12. Aw, this was an exceptionally good post. Spending some time and actual effort to make a great article… but what can I say… I put things off a whole lot and never manage to get nearly anything done.

  13. I found your comment about Sikhs wanting to get a visa and leave Punjab as a counter Khalistan argument amusing. Have you considered why Sikhs want to leave Punjab? If India is such a great place why do people especially Sikhs want to leave? It’s because despite of all the hype about the Indian economy, India is a economic basketcase. It has more people below the poverty line than the whole of Africa! People such as the Sikhs in Punjab, who have no hope, no chance and no opportunity to change their present condition have two options. They either seek to change the system ie fight for Khalistan or they vote with their feet and leave the country. You agree that majority of people would leave Punjab given the chance. So who do you blame for this? Is it the people or the Indian system which denies them opportunities and a real stake in the future of their state?

    • Not really… actually they want to go there to see white people lol, seriously an all the relatives I have in India think it’s easy money in the western world then realize it wasn’t so bad in Punjab.

      In all seriousness you people act as if all the poverty and hardship is in Punjab? From my visits I’ve seen progress in Punjab and poverty is far worse else where in India… and guess what those people suffering are not Sikh. People are just too paranoid…

      And no I know many people in Punjab who have been very successful and wealthy… guess what they’re SIKH. Wow some genocide, don’t you think there is too much exaggeration on this matter.

      And before you say… I have been around various parts of Punjab

  14. to me you are a small baby every nation have their sovereign state so does the Sikh nation needs their sovereign state we were sovereign state up until 1842 we will and we shall use every every opportunity make our dreams come true we steadfast we are not frighten no nukes nor of any blood shed we have seen many 1984 for son many times like that that before Sikh were killed in cold bold many times before we will never surrendered Bhindrawale a did one of best thing for Sikh nation he fought to death made a history that will repeat until achieve our target people like you are just waste of life but nothing portrait of Bhindrawale and his other friends that are accepted a great man of 19th century Sikh

    • To me you make no sense what so ever and you need to get over this blog post… you commented over a month ago (which also made no sense) and your still going on about this. Either stop commenting or start making some sense. You seem like an emotionally distressed person who’s dreams of having Khalistan have been shattered, get a grip.

      • you are are shit Indian stop shitting about khalistan u not come out your mother shit yet get lost khalistan khalistan don’t try to turret me baby boy

  15. if u love india than u have your country, and please stay away from england, usa and canada, for we western sikhs dont have our on khalistian but u have your mother diaper india, so be proud of india and stay there with your indian gentatics, we sikhs abroad love our idea of a future sikh state next to the diaper hindustian, now peace out !

    • No in fact I live in the UK now…. I love UK over India. I am not worried about anything else, Britain comes first over anything. Because I live here now…. and the next few generations in my family will probably be based here and consider themselves British. It would be senseless for me to say I love another country more (let alone an imaginary one) and yet choose to stay here – & for generations to come. In fact I appreciate British history and look into it’s contributions (especially in field of technology), so who are you to tell me to stay away? Also you really expect me to believe your name is “Tony”, use your real name… Also India is a great place to visit including Punjab, end of. You seek refuge here and try and make Khalistan using the internet lol. So wait you tell me how your going to make Khalistan abroad? Appealing to the goreh abroad is what some may attempt… some Sikh warrior you are.

      I bet this is some side issue for you…. what you actually want to do is get a degree and live a wealthy lifestyle in the western world. Get real, mate.

  16. every revolution begins out side a home country always the case so we are doing the same thing to give them voice on world stage London new york the world capitals

    • What you just said is so f*ckin’ stupid…. it has gone beyond me. Your not worthy of any more responses… your an insecure idiot, who can not debate. Revolution begins outside the place the revolution happens? Your taking world stage? How stupid can one get. You have issues mate, I’m being serious.

      Continue to make no sense and I will refuse to approve your daft comments. Please only comment if you have some form of intelligence.

  17. ‘why we don’t actually want Khalistan ‘
    Who is we anyways?
    Well reading your article which is just based on your own thoughts all I see is, that you are Hindu. It’s no problem, you will not be let inside Khalistan anyways. Lol it makes me laugh how these dirty slummakers Hindus claim to be Sikhs while wearing Red threads.
    Ask your grandmother how her mother and all other female family members got sold in Muslim countries. And you know what was their price?? Sugar was more expensive than Hindu woman. Now answer – who saved them? Monkey god? Or Sikhs?
    Enough is enough. Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindrawale said, that attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib in 1984, that is the foundation of Khalistan. And the foundation is been laid.
    Raj Karega Khalsa

  18. Amrinder,
    I don’t know how old you are but I assume young (under 20). And yet I am truly impressed with you blog and thoughts.
    Over the months, you have faced hostility and rants in this blog, which is very much in line what you wrote in the 4th para wherein you compared this ideology with Al Qaeda.
    I am a Hindu Brahmin Punjabi and trace my ancestry to Bhai Mati Das (Yes he was a Brahmin). My ancestors were the bodyguards of Maharaja Ranjit Singh as well. I am married to Sikh and my children follow both Sikhism and Hinduism (as I do believe they are one and that I would probably be a muslim if my ancestors had not joined the ranks of the Gurus).(Disclaimer: I do not mean I have anything against the muslims. All I wish to point out, is I would not be what I am today. Not Good or bad, just different)
    During the late 70′s and 80′s my family was based in Amritsar and had to flee to Delhi by 1984, as living conditions there became impossible, thanks to the Khalistan movement. Needless to say, we lost all our wealth.
    A few moths after we arrived in Delhi, the November 84 carnage happened. While the Khalistanis hold the hindus responsible for this atrocious act,they tend to deliberately overlook the fact it was people like my father and uncles (and many thousands of other hindus like them), who went and saved the lives many too. Our family immediately too in our neighbours,cut the “Kesh” of men and boys and were made to look as Bhraminical as possible.Us. younger ones were required to move into their homes and protect their property.
    84 atrocities were perpetrated by the political ideology of Congress Party on Khalistani ideology. To these mentally challenged Congress party workers, Khalistan was represented by Sikhism and so they launched their offensive on every Sikh they could identify. In a way, this was a tit for tat as the Khalistanis had been doing exactly the same thing up until this event. In fact,most replies to your blog seem to have a strong anti hindu flavour; and hinduism seems synonyms with India.
    Right wing hinduism in India is represented by RSS, who hate the Congress from the core of their hearts. Yet, the Khalistanis fail to make this distinction (and do suspect deliberately).
    For Khalistani ideology to flourish, it must be able to project a threat (or at least a perceived one). And Since India is predominantly Hindu, it is an easy target. Please note, as a Hindu Punjabi living in UK. I tend to have more affinity to Pakistani Punjabis than to other hindu Indians (such as those from the South), as there is a shared language and eating habits.
    Khalistanis want to create a “homeland” for themselves on the graves of millions of other non Sikhs. It is a vile, vicious and extreme ideology and obviously the world (and more importantly the sikhs) see it that way.
    Amrinder, you are on the right course. Remain firm, and never loose sight of right from wrong
    Once again, excellent blog.

  19. Wow, you really have not done any research on sant jarnail singh, Punjab during the period of 1947-1984 and post 84. I lost count of the amount of biased unfactual lies written in this blog, I’m not sure whether you have made them or whether you’ve just been naiive enough to believe what you have been told. Either way, i hope you do some real research from non-Indian and even non-sikh sources (to get unbiased info) and understand your countless errors

    • I haven’t been told anything…. & if you are going to say my post is filled with “biased unfactual lies” you’ll have to elaborate.
      And why can you not point out some specific errors yourself?
      I can’t really take anything from your comment, you haven’t said anything new.

  20. Hi amrinder. First I would like to say you did an amazing job writing this. Well done!…. I belong to a brahmin family. My mom is from a sikh family. So I can say that I am half sikh half hindu. I visit gurudwaras as often as I visit mandir. … I was going through some pictures in instagram. There I found some anti-indian I would say pictures. It really saddened me how people abroad when they’ve nothing good to do for india or punjab to be more precise are harming the countrys image… if they’re so worried why don’t just they come to india or punjab and work for the welfare of society here…. I’ve read many unbiased articles about all the issues. So I would say I am well informed… I just wanted to see what will happen if khalistan is really formed if by any chance. Then I came up with this blog… exactly what I was thinking. You’ve covered almost all the points… even youth here has no clear meaning of khalistan. They just keep on shouting khalistan slogans… they don’t even know much about bhindrawala… they literally have no ideaa.. still they make bhindrawala’s picture their cover photo on fb… bcz they think its cool :/…. more than 70% of my friends n relatives are sikh.. so I also know quite a lot about their condition here in india.. trust me they are as happy as ever. We live like brothers. All have equal rights. There’s no inequality anywhere. Then why do these ppl in UK n ‘KANEDA’ go berserk everytime I don’t understand. I feel sorry for those who have commented below. They haven’t yet come closer to the real meaning of sikhism.

  21. Hi Amrinder, thanks a lot for this article, highly appreciated. I would like to tell you guy’s that I have spent arr 23year of my life time in a small village of Punjab, during that period I never feel that I am hindu and my friends are sikh. From the last 4-5year I am working in UAE and got shocked and realized that I am different from Khalistan.
    Khalistan, Do khalistan means a land belongs to Sikh? Well this looks like wrong statement, it need to be a place of peace lived by all religion.
    1. There is a famous among many Sikh community that the attack on Golden Temple was unacceptable and that’s why we killed IndraGandhi and hate hindus & want Khalisthan.
    2. Most of the Hindu & Educated Sikh also believe that in 1984 if we had used the weapon of Gandigiri with peace with India Govt then sure there was good hope, but they started establishing their position inside Golden Temple with keeping hazardous AK47,and also that time it was clear that Indian Govt can never attack on Golden Temple, but due to Guts of Indra, happen against it. All over the world this statement was highly published in media.
    Some more point are, link of Pakistan with Khalistan, as Pak was defeated by India Army 4times after independence, Pak was also at least 70% responsible for all this happened in 1984. It was accepted by Mr.Hassain Nisar (Journalist) of Pakistan, that Pakistan tried a lot to divide India with Kashmir but they fail and again they tried their best through Punjab with link to Khalistan, but again failed & this need to notice that there mission was to divide Punjab from India and after takeover to Punjab, see now what is the position of Pakistan, it is declared a terror country of world.
    So my mean to say is, what we have in India we are happy with that, these Canadian or UK mafia of Sikh, please don’t try to divide us, we want peace to live & if time came will die also.

  22. Hi, this is Kamel from UK, I am also from Punjab but belongs to Scheduled Caste, called CHAMAR, everybody is crying for Pakistan/Bangladesh/Khalistan/Hindustan, where we will go ? I think we will also start flight for new world called Calistan, and believe me if we will start fight, can easily change the Govt policy & we have much maturity in Punjab as compare to other caste.
    But I think it will not be right by killing many or have bad effect on my caste. We are happy were we are, see learn from us, we are great but these upper caste think that we are nothing.

  23. Did you start getting death threats yet from the enlightened khalistanis yet? These are the same people that bhindranwale ordered to kill newspaper journalists, editors, army/police men and their entire families, politicians, blow up planes, hijacking and then justifying it by saying ” no act is irrational for the sake of sikhism” – The editor of punjab kesri (jagat narain) was against this movement right from the start and he was killed at 92 years old, later on 60 members of his newspaper were also killed hawkers, editors, journalists anybody affiliated…or that held a different viewpoints. The Indian government and armies reaction was correct but botched.. which is what the GOI is know for…they challenged INDIRA GANDHI and got their asses kicked…

  24. Its also partly religious because generations of sikhs and moslems are taught that hindus will not fight back…….and to think that these khalistanis were talking about putting the kesri nishan on delhi…and walking over and taking punjab and the rest of the country..Indira turned that on its head…first by making moslems surrender on masse in 71 and then destroying the khalistani khalsa….she was truly the mahakaal for the sikhs and moslems…

  25. Hi amrinder

    just wanted to add, I am a sikh (just so that no one questions my faith in this religion, i would want to telll them that i dont cut my hair, i do path ) and i have lived in non sikh majority places for the major part of my life, i have never been discriminated against, i have never felt that any non sikh person has treated me any differently than he would have treated any non sikh. Infact every time i have been welcomed with open arms.
    If someone thinks tht sikhi will be saved if a separate country is made, then i would say wake up mate, you are being delusional. The odds of survival of sikhi are more under India then under Khalistan.
    I seriously hope that the so called khalistan movement dies down completely.

  26. Amrinder its hard to believe for me that this blog is coming from a Sikh who is not Khalistani. Hats off.!!!

    What i don’t understand is if Khalistanis think that they can threat, kill or dominate non-sikhs with fear of AK-47 or bomb blasts and kick them out of Punjab, if this is what they think, then its so ILLOGICAL….. Non-Sikhs are not eunuchs or cowardly people who will simply get scare and will run away. Its after all human vs human and AK-47 ta kise de vi hath vich fer aa hi sakdi hai…………

    “AK-47 wale khalistan banaun ge” [usual khalistani puppet slogans]


    What if AK-47 non-sikhs kol aagayi, fer ki hovega?……..

    Fer saaleyo tuhanu lukkan di tha vi ni labni……

    Respect & Appreciation for Rai Saab…….

    • ahaha, dude you made my day with this comment !

      Though I take this seriously and “Khalistanis” behaviors do sincerely annoy the hell out of me… they are quite laughable indeed, along with their illogical ideas

  27. Jarnail Singh did not want Khalistan. He was neither for it nor against it. But he stated if the Indian government was to give them a seperate state they would take it. Don’t confuse jarnail Singh with the people that fight for Khalistan, he was a defender of his faith.

      • Bhindranwale said that once the sri harmandir sahib was attacked, it would lay the foundations of a khalistan, or a separate homeland for the sikhs. He knew very well what he was doing, & the uproar it would cause, he was antagonizing the army to attack him & his men who took over sri harmandir sahib. It’s important to note that before the events of 1984 bhindranwale & his men turned this place into harbouring guns & terrorists, because of this people & sevadars were afraid to go into the sri darbar complex. His men were goons who would carry out hideous crimes, they were funded by the pakistani ISI, some of his men even were taliban from across the border, disguised as sikhs ready to wage war with india

  28. Hi Amrinder,
    It was great reading your article. I remember the insecurity our country faced in the 80′s and 90′s due to the Khalistan movement. Your article gives a different perpective to an otherwise loud world we live in. Everyone is shouting and noboby listens.

    There is a revival happening with every religion and Sikism went through one in the 70s and 80′s. North India unlike South India went through horror due to partition and it was but natural that a revival could take a violent form. What added fuel to the fire was the funding that came from UK and Canada. However the funding over a period of time corrupted the thought of these men who forgot the cause they were fighting for.

    It is the Sikhs who were staying across the country who realised the value of being part of India and they continue to be part of India’s growth.

    Sikhs are one of the most valuable gems of India and has contributed to every field of India. I am basically from Kerala and could find a lot of parallel with the way Sikhs have ventured out of their state in pursuit of success.

    Sikh militancy created great hardship for the entire nation and it’s nothing short of a miracle that it ended. Today life is back to normal and Sikhs continue to play important role.

    Khalistan like Partition will take a long time to heal.

  29. Ever since our beloved Ninth Guru made the Kashmiri Brahmins sit with the sangat and eat langar, there has been a venom towards sikhs in general. Mahatma Gandhi referred to Guru Gobind Singh as a “misguided patriot” and asked for the “sword arm” of India to abandon Sikhi and return to Hinduism. There has been a continuous program for all faiths in India to be absorbed into Hinduism, claims that Guru Gobind Singh was the descendant of luv and kush, Jesus Christ as an Avatar of Vishnu, Buddhism as a branch of Hinduism etc etc etc.

    To cut a long story short, Khalistan and Panjab militancy is a congress party idea designed to identify and isolate the sikhs and either force them back into Hinduism or kill them out in the open. Indira Gandhi sent Jarnail Bhindawale into punjab to baptise the sikhs and later on declared that all sikhs were terrorists and anyone with blue or orange turbans and a kirpan was to be killed (after suspending the right to life in Panjab – this was called operation wood rose). The World Khalistan Organisation collects funds and on the face of it supports punjab miltancy, but it is in fact wholly owned by the Congress party and all funds raised go directly to congress youth, Indian army and RSS movements.

    The first place attacked in operation blue star was the library, curious. The 1984 genocide was a carefully planned operation running simultaneously up and down the country (takes months of planning) which means it must have been put into place way before Indira was assassinated. I would argue that it was part of the reason why she was assassinated.

    I could go on and present some fairly compelling evidence but to digress from the point would be in itself pointless. The only people that want Khalistan are the Giddars that are plotting the end of sikhism and the few lions that have fallen for their plan.

    Brush it off my brothers and sisters, we don’t need Khalistan when the land of our Gurus is ours. We already live in India and with the onslaught of education, faith will become less of a factor in equality, people will simply worship money and divide society among the classes instead of religion. Illiterate people will no longer be around to be swayed by religious fervour and obeyances to ten headed gods.

  30. I totally agree with Amrinder Rai, he has explained everything what Khalistan is about. Khalistan has nothing to do with Sikhism. I’m sure if Guru Nanak Dev Ji & Guru Gobind Singh Ji were here today they will be disgusted with what Sikhi has changed into. Sikhs today integrate with everyone all over the world, but these khalistanis are on road to give us a bad name. They get support of Pakistan, yet they forget about when our gurus, their Sikhs and children were murdered by Muslims. The youth of today are easily brainwashed, they are narrow minded. Sikhs in India are happy and living peacefully with everyone, Sikhs from abroad in UK, America and Canada are instigating hatred and trouble and making life difficult for the Sikhs in India. Sikhism is a faith teaching all about kindness & forgiving. It’s teaches us to be better people. The message is simple but these militant Sikhs are distorting Sikhi. As Sikhs we
    Should take action against these khalistanis…. They have no place in India or within Sikhi…. They are a terrorist organisation similar to the Taliban. We’ll done Amrinder rai for saying the truth and I hope your message gets out to all Sikhs.


  31. I’m a Christian who grew up in India. Like the Sikhs, the Christians have suffered terribly under Indian rule. I completely understand why they want Khalistan to succeed and our prayers are with them. India isn’t safe for minorities and I’ve known many Sikhs (several remain close friends) and they are certainly different from the majority Hindus I know. The biggest difference I note? They have morals – which can be very striking when you’re so used to a lack of it in the people around you.

    God Bless you Sikhs – I pray sincerely that you get your dream of Khalistan.

  32. Hi, as a Sikh I would like to point out something that our tenth guru, sri guru gobind Singh ji said : RAJ KAREGA KHALSA AKKHI RAHE NAA KOHE! this quote is saying that Khalsa will rule basically. Please email me back on your opinion. I am researching this topic for a school project.. The good and bad of Khalistan … Personally I believe there should be one and I don’t agree with your reasons. For example, it doesn’t matter if Khalistan is next to the sea or not because there are nations such as Bhutan still surviving. Also, Punjab has an abundance of rivers hence it’s name. Furthermore, do you not think that India has “targeted” sikhs for so long. We deserve justice! Also, the thirteen colonies of America managed to separate from Britain and Khalistan will do the same …

    • Grid locked countries ALWAYS have started out poor. Switzerland for example was one of the poorest nations on earth, poverty was high (and yes they had plenty of farm land like Punjab), it has taken centuries for them to get to where they are today – and they have done so through unique leadership & are one of the most peaceful & democratic countries in the world. Khalistan run by religion & not economic fundamentals ? I don’t see this imaginary place being highly democratic either…. Bhutan isn’t in a serious dispute with a country 30 times it’s size, where the people hate their neighbours with an army several 100 times bigger and professionally trained. Sikhs have no been targeted lol, there is no genocide…. I have seen many wealthy Sikhs in Punjab and outside – who are living the good life… hardly see any serious genocide there, Punjab has one of the lowest poverty and also the lower hunger rate in India. Wow do you are comparing this case to the scale of the American revolution? I’m sorry but that is absolutely ridiculous. Especially with the UN and all today – no way. Ergh just look at the size of Punjab, stop deluding yourself. This is so stupid… because barely anyone ACTUALLY wants Khalistan so bad, it’s pointless arguing a case to this extent anyway. Good luck with your school project.

  33. Well done mate, as a sikh from the uk, I feel that fellow sikhs (youth) are being ostracised & bullied by these pathetic people who all they seem to do is spread hate, & encourage violence. It’s about time that someone did something…

  34. the idea of khalistan is really a bad one….it will result in death of innocent ppl..juz like what happened in 84…so better avoid it as most of the Sikhs in India don’t want it now… they do love India n wanna live here….as they see a brighter n better future here…now question is that who want khalistan???? only those living in foreign lands demand it…but again its very easy for them to demand khalistan as they won’t be the ones who will have to face consequences of such a stupid movement…. their children won’t die…their mothers wont moroun for them….only those living in India will have to face the bad consequences.. it will result in the collapse of Indian economy..it will result in death of innocent lives n most importantly it will result in differences between Hindus n Sikhs…n that’s what I fear about!! even if such a movement starts the end will be the same as 84…many ppl will be killed n at end there won’t be any khalistan…there will be India only but a different one…the one in which Sikhs hate Hindus n Indian govt… it will juz result in rising hate among religions nothing else…….!!

  35. hi myself from tamil nadu it was great to see ur article for the past few days i was throubled with this khalistani ideas floating throughout fb . i have not had personal touch with sikhs thorughout my life but it is a popular belief in tamil nadu dat sikhs are the most patriotic people in india(inspite of khalistani mevement and all) is that true or do you think we have lost our unity.india is for indians.in that case entire india is khalistan for sikhs u have all the rights to come here to tamil nadu.do a job or educate urself or start ur own business and again practise ur religion.why do you seperate urself from us ur not gonna be welcomed in the westen as ur here coz here ur one among the citizens whereas there ur still a migrant. im sure no one is ready to face another patition in the nation.
    . . .

  36. Khalistan , should happen but the name should be just Punjab . And this is why , Punjab is the bread basket of India , almost all the resources such as electricity , food come from it but they have to share it with this whole country and get barely anything , because it goes to places like Dehli. THE MAIN REASON; Punjabis are being influenced by Indian ( Brahim ) culture way too much , to the point where were losing touch with Sikhism like the caste system wtf , did all the teachings of Guru Nanak dev Ji go to waste ? Also , historically speaking Punjabis arent even indian , they were from the persian people who escaped Iran from the Muslim conquest in Current day Iran. Sadly, no one knows about Punjabis and how they significantly differ from all indians exept Kashmiris . Punjab should be separate , because we are our own people , we have our Own everything . Sikh’s have made such an impact on the world , we’ve gone places in sports , singing etc . But we never get any credit it all goes to India , wtf ? A lot of Punjabis dont even look Indian , I will never say im Indian its a disgrace , Im fucking Punjabi and Im fucking proud of it . All India has done is betray us , 1984 anyone ? We protected there asses and this is what we get ? Getting called terriost in our ‘ so called country’ ? Im born and raised in Canada and I will never go back to Punjab if it is associated with such a shit country.

  37. This is a good reason why many people dont get into debates about Khalistan. Its obvious that the author is young, and trying to understand things. he is explaining how he sees things, and apart from ‘Basics of Sikhi’ most people are getting into arguments. ( i am generalising, so please dont jump on me) we should all encourage him to openly talk to his fellow sikhs and discuss this issue openly. we critisize muslims for keeping all their stuff indoors yet we’re forcing our kids to do the same. because if they do speak out and have a different opinion, they get critisized. lets talk, and all learn. i for one, love that this person is asking this question. he is also brave as most would not incase of a backlash.

    Well done – Keep the faith in Sikhi

  38. Hi,
    Thanks for this post dear. I am not for or against anything or anyone. I see God in everything and everyone. We are his children and he equally loves us all. This blog of yours has revealed many things, especially the equilibrium of conflicts between peoples’ comments hasade a new understanding od nature. God reveals himself in many ways. There is no Negative without Positive in Nature. The five vices, lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego trigger each other and we do not fully understand how. The true Sikhs who were free of this

  39. Hi,
    Thanks for this post dear. I am not for or against anything or anyone. I see God in everything and everyone. We are his children and he equally loves us all. This blog of yours has revealed many things, especially the equilibrium of conflicts between peoples’ comments has made a new understanding of nature. God reveals himself in many ways. There is no Negative without Positive in Nature. The five vices, lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego trigger each other and we do not fully understand how. The true Sikhs who were completely free of these vices were the great martyrs of Sikh history who did not even cry out of pain during martyrdom and kept peacefully chanting their prayers. The realization of these 5 vices makea ir clear that the mysterious martyrdom that our Sikh ancestry attained was true.
    Sikh means – student and Sikh is meant to learn from others realizing true Sikhi is very tough and can be tricky sometimes.
    I can say only one thing for this- Aagya bhayi akaal ki tabhai chalaayo panth, sabh Sikhan ko hukam hai, Guru maaniyo Granth.
    Only listen to the Guru rather than people’s opinions. It was anger and lust for power that triggered 1984 anti A
    Sikh Genocide of India and not assassination of Indira Gandhi or Bindranwala etc.
    Ego was also a factor. Indian govt. was very unthankful of Sikhs for thwir sacrifices when they constantly betrayed their trust. The doonhs of 70s and 80s of Indian government has created a mujahideen type fanaticism amongst Sikh youth of today which has also uprooted true meaning of Sikhi. Sikh is meant to protect the rights of the poor and weak. If Khalistan is created, then it will mean abandoning the oppressed lower cast of Dalits nd Shudras and leave them.to be raped, killed and constantly oppressed by upper caste Hindus/Brahmins. Many Hindus who have studied and researched on Caste syatem and have found that Brahmin was never a caste. Ir.meant.a person close to god, or.a.person.of.high character with God like attributes. We must encourage such good research so that degeneration of faith and ethics stop in Hinduism. People are looted by so called Brahmins…

  40. Hello I’m an Arab girl from Morocco! And i’m a huge fan of INDIA. I just want to see Indians united! Unity in diversity yaar! l realy love India from Punjab to Tamil Nadu ,I love the diversity of India ,I do Bhangra as I do kathak and Bharatnatyam..:p. Its time to forget the past and to see the future. You rock guys!
    Lot of love from Morocco to all Indians.

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